SHD electronics  offers a consulting service electronics of high-level, operating from its own center, through frequent visits and interviews with the client, or outsourcing part of its  resources for the whole necessary time to the completion of the project, and sharing therefore all the phases of planning and development with the team of the client for a great and more effective transfer of know-how.


  •  embedded systems
  • microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP, FPGA
  • development firmware, software  & APP
  • digital electronics
  • analogical electronics
  • processing and amplification audio
  • power electronics
  • technologies wireless
  • development hardware/software


  • definition of product
  • analysis of feasibility
  • engineering new products
  • redesign products existing
  • study for costs reduction
  • improvement of the performances
  • evaluation of new technologies or solutions
  • production sampling
  • production of series

Planning and development of product

From the idea to the project, from the prototype to the production of series. Our team can cover all the necessary activities to the planning, development and industrialization of product in every sector or field of application, among which:

  • the definition of the specifications,
  • the study of mechanical solutions,
  • the masterization of PCBs (printed circuit board),
  • design circuit
  •  the testing
  • the validation of project and product
  • the process of homologation and certification.

We can plan for optimizing the final cost of the product or to maximize performances of it, functionality and technological contents.
We are able to already esteem the costs of production from the first phases of the project and to reiterate the phases of planning in the case in which reductions are necessary of cost without compromises in terms of quality, reliability and performances.

Development firmware & software

The development of firmware and software it is certainly a critical activity in the cycle of planning as well as fundamental for the success of a new product.
Our experience covers different architectures and families of CPU, microcontrolers, DSP, using the most varied programming languages, operational systems real time, tools and integrated environments of development.
Our competence they also understand the software development of high-level for systems Windows, Mac elo mobile development of applications APP on IOS and Android.

Our team of development can plan from zero the architecture software / firmware for a new product or to inherit and to readapt existing forms according to the specifications of the client, working to all the levels, from the interaction with the hardware through device driver up to the creation of API or SDK and to the development of the complete application.

The activities of development firmware and software include:

  • development firmware embedded in C
  • development software of high-level for DOS, Windows, Linux, Unix
  • porting of firmware and software existing
  • development of device drivers
  • development of bootloaders
  • systems of digital control
  • interfaces man / machine and GUI
  • protocols of communication and networking
  • documentation of code and layout of the technical documentation
  • maintenance and support

The development of firmware and software in SHD it follows standard of very urgent quality. Every line of produced code is traced with systems and procedures of control version (CVS) that always guarantee the possibility to identify and to recover every release software, also at distance of years from the closing of the project.

Electronic planning

One of the most important activities in SHD are the planning encircled hardware.
Thanks to many years of  experience in all the fields of application and to the continuous technical and technological updating, is able to cover every necessity of the client.

We plan with these objectives in mind:

  • flexibility in the relationship with the client
  • time to market reduced
  • designs of quality
  • technological excellence

Our activities of planning hardwares include:

  • planning of product
  • planning of electronic board
  • personalized hardware solutions
  • burning and  layout PCB
  •  hardware/software integration
  • development embedded systems
  • development microprocessors/microcontrolers systems
  • analogical electronics and of power
  • wireless technology
  • networking and  data communication
  • definition and realization of the equipments and procedures of test
  • support to the homologation of product
  • support to the CE conformity and to the normatives  of sector
  • analysis of the reliability and MTBF
  • project documentation

We plan since the first phases holding in consideration the conformity to the safety European standards and electromagnetic compatibility. We are able to support the client for the CE conformity  of  own equipments, from the individualization of the norms of reference, to the tests near accredited laboratories, up to the layout of the technical issue.

Realization of prototypes

The realization of the prototypes is an important phase of the process of development. And necessary to assemble and to test one or more champions at the end of the planning to be able to effect the debugging of the project and for the final validation. Thanks to the prototypes it is possible to appraise the producibilità of a product besides and to apply the due optimizations to the same product and the productive trial. SHD is able to deliver the prototypes in brief times and in the necessary quantities, without the client must directly occupy him of it.

The service of prototyping can include:

  • Production of a sampling ofPCB
  • Search and retrieval component electronic
  • Assemblage electronic board
  • Fast Prototyping of plastic details or containers
  • Realization of metallic parts
  • Functional testing
  • Final assemblage of the product


SHD can satisfy every demand in terms of electronic production, from  e-board till a product “keys in hand.” We produce according to the most elevated standards, in our productive departments or near selected partner and consolidated, in small or great series. Our competences include assemblage PTH and SMD, in single or double face, on conventional PCB or flexible substrata.

SHD is able to directly acquire components and necessary elements to the ended product, among which:

  •  electronic components active and passive
  • mechanical assemblies and electromechanicals
  • Printed parts and co-printend
  • Wirings and interconnections
  • Plates
  • Packaging and marking

Our team is able to prepare books of instructions, manuals of use and maintenance and every other type of documentation that must be includes and furnished together with the product.