ASN 2017


ASN system is the correct assistant value for your boat, being able to give you,  to a contained cost,
the calm that deserved from:

Damages from atmospheric events

The system is able to tell you: some presence of water on the boat and of the variation level movement of the sea : “ROUGH SEA” in more, to notice the possible presence of water in the bilge.

Damages from unwanted movements

The system is able to notice you of possible unwanted solicitations.


ASN is a nautical anti-theft system based on:

  • GPS: The system is able to notice about some movements of your boat out of a planned geographical perimeter ( through GPS).
  • Input contacts: it is endowed with two contact system to create many desired boat protection circuit.
    (ex. protection: engine, open lockers , doors ecc..)
  • Anti lifting:using a dedicated electronic ASN is able to detect boat lifting attempts; ensuring great safety during boat storage period or out of water.
  • Siren: thanks to the possibility to drive an output contact, detecting an attempted theft ASN can eventually activate a siren connected to it .

Satellite tracking


ASN thanks to GPS technology (satellite technology), detect in real time the geographic position of ASN, antifurto nautico satellitare. Tracciamento satellitare, controllo flotte
your boat,  and it is able to trace movements.

Particularity :
-Satellite tracking even in the absence of internet connection.
-Connection/communication of the tracks (timed / or on remote SMS request)
-Service WEB tracing boats with possibility to instantly visualize the position of their own boats on the geographical map.




ASN  provides real time communication alarms  (based on gps position of your boat) ,
directly to your mobile phone, by sending an SMS

Satellite Tracking

ASN thanks to GPS technology (satellite technology), allows you to notice in real time the geographical position of your boat,  or to trace movements from any computer connected on internet (PRO Version).


Settings / Ignition/ Shutdown…. Button+ Led/ Bluetooth LE / SMS / Web :
The system is configurable both for settings and / ignition/ shutdown by :
*APP on Android / IOS(Apple) * Web Page Configuration * Button with indicative light



ASN, as nautical anti-theft, it is available in Watertight (IP67) version.
In such version ASN can be to direct contact with the water. Adaptable to any boat.

Versatility / Mode of use

Reduce dimensions (6x5x3 cm): easy to hide and to camouflage. ..
Internal Battery + Low Consumptions. ASN also works in absence of external power supply. Ex.
In case of installation inside the outboard engine, in case of theft .. it will be possible to track it down..
* In case of garaging it allows to check your boat in garaging for the whole permanence 
imitating to the least the interventions of maintenance (change batteries) (mod. Garaging Optional).


ASN  is provided of a own rechargeable Lithium battery, as back up unit,
able to guarantee for 96h operations, also under conditions of external supply absent Asn can be fed with any external battery from 12/24 V.
NB: In case of external/inside battery unloaded ASN suddenly communicates the event to the owner.


The system ASN doesn’t have particular side effects for the placement, it can be fixed in any place of the boat, provided that not screened by the receipt of the GPS satellite.

ANS Antifurto nautico saltellitare

ASN Anti-theft nautical satellite 2017
professional satellite
small and easy to use

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