ASN 21

The new ASN 21 version is available: the anti-theft device that protects your vehicle from theft, tampering/ intrusion and damage. No longer the simple anti-theft but a real operational center, installable and usable by anyone who has a minimum of knowledge about the use of APP.


The main ASN 21 novelties:

  • Control of operating hours

          (ex. control of engine operating hours by connecting to an ASN input)

  • Radio control sensors

            can be combined in a few simple steps to the ASN2 device through the APP

  • Radio remote control for:

    • EMERGENCY reporting
    • ASN Connection – Disconnection

Alarms control with radio sensors on ASN 21

ASN2 radio sensors (which still do not require any radio connection to ASN as they communicate their status with radio technology) allow the user to control the surrounding environment, for the detection of the following status conditions:

  • DOOR CONTACT: to monitor openings ex. doors, windows, hatchway provided/locker etc.
  • SMOKE DETECTION: to take action suddenly in case of fire start;
  • MOVEMENT DETECTION: Pyroelectric thermal movement of the person in the room;
  • WATER DETECTION ( for ex. bilge water detection).

Each sensor is housed in a dedicated plastic enclosure and is equipped with a lithium battery that allows it to operate for a long period of time: more than 12 months.

For each sensor ASN will comunicate:

  1. Sensor absent: this is a message that ASN communicates to the user when it no longer receives the periodic radio signal emitted by the sensor;
  2. Alarm detection: indicates the alarm detection associated to the type of sensor;
  3. Tampering detection: Indicates the detection of an alarm due to the tampering of the sensor itself (opening of the enclosure);
  4. Low battery: indicates that the internal battery must be replaced as soon as possible: otherwise the loss of connection with the sensor (sensor is absent);



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