S.H.D. s.a.s. Presentation company


S.H.D. from 1983 works in the field of the planning electronic hardware and software in the sector industrial automation, automatic stores, telecommunications, building automation and vending.
From beginning activity we have continually worked to the development and the production of the part electronic hardware & software of electronic cards and systems to check and to automatize cars, automatic stores, carwashes, mixers, productive trials.

During this long period we have developed and produced the electronic part, the interfaces operator and the software for the followings products:

  • Development and realization electronic custom with connection to Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
  • Development “App”: applications for devices mobile ANDROID / IOS / Windows PhoneTerminals (type Arduino (R)) in degree to satisfy in an only solution all technological innovations presents on the terminal: connection Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, Radio custom (type Zigbee) RS485.. etc.. Color graphic Display with Touch Screen. Principals based integrated protocols on the TCPIP: from the HTTP, HTML, SMTP, POP etc.. and all the principals protocols multimedia WEB SERVER Web integrated …
  • Systems of payment and Control Keyed accesses or by Transponder card.
  • Satellite Nautical anti-theft with possibility of remote consultation.
  • Industrial invention patent for anti-theft electricl safety and diagnostic photovoltaic systems  with possibility of remote consultation.
  • Systems of satellite tracking with remote consultation.
  • Data Logger Temperature (Conforming to Normative EN 12830) with remote consultation.
  • Automatic stores for storage materials in the industrial and pharmaceutical field.
  • Distributors and professional Mixers of chemical products a/o paints.
  • Automatic car washes  and self- service
  • Terminals and connected remote input-output on net RS485, by radio and GSM / GPRS.
  • Terminals and intelligent keyboards for interface Man-car
  • Equipments for automation and control on the lines of production
  • Remote systems of data acquisition for building & factory automation.
  • Electronic systems on specifications of the client for assemblage on board car.
  • Applications with interface Khan, LIN, Ethernet in environment Automotive and industrial.
  • Control system for pneumatic tube and trolleys for rail transport.
  • Intelligent forms on net Ethernet for control of cars and PC fittings.
  • Industrial cars and systems of transport.

S.H.D. is able to offer the following services:

  • Electronic planning, development software and engineering of the product on specification of the Customer.
  • development applications software on Personal Computer for the control, the monitoring and the management of cars, handling systems, automatic stores and productive trials.
  • Planning and electronic realization for cars, fittings and systems of test.
  • Studies of feasibility, specific techniques, definition of the costs and industrialization.
  • Consultation in the field electronic hardware, to sign & software.
  • Assemblage / Testing electronic cards, switchboards, prototyping.

The varied applications realized in the years have required to the S.H.D. a continuous technical updating in the principals fields of the analogical electronics, digital and in the software development.
The S.H.D. is able to furnish products and services of quality and proposes itself as a valid partner in the planning, development and realization of the electronic part of Your products.

Principal Applications developed by S.H.D.

Magazzini automatici

Industrial sector

  • Hardware & software development and manufacture of control systems for rotating automated warehouses.
  • Hardware & software development and production of systems for control automatic stores with shelf compattabile and access to the personnel checked through it enrolls electronic key a/o to transponder (safety & privacy).
  • Hardware & software development and production of systems for control stores drawers mobile press fasteners with vertical development.
  • Control  equipments on the lines of production with interface to PLC of movimentation line.
  • Development systems for control pneumatic post and trolleys for transport on rail.
  • Development and realization  intelligent modules I/O directly distributed on net ethernet for control of cars and fittings from PC.
  • Development and production of datas system acquisition for applications of Industrial Automation.
  • Development and electronic production of control for cars and mixing plants and distribution  paints a/o produced chemical.
  •  Check pressure brushes for automatic carwash plants
  • Collection systems, monitoring and processing data on manufacturig plants.
  • Programmable equipments for functional test of electronic cards.
  • Test equipments  for cables and wirings.


 Automotive Sector

  • Systems of satellite tracking.
  • Test equipments for laboratory a/o lines of production for regulating automotive with interface Khan and LIN.
  • Automatic burn-in systems checked for devices Khan and LIN in climatic room.
  • Systems for loading programs and test on lines of production for ECUs car.


Vending, Security and home automation sector

  • Electronic for coffee/drinks automatic machines for office by capsules and with grinding.
  • Systems of  “Cash Less” sale (without contacts) for the world of the vending
  • Book keeping systems of data acquisition from systems of payment compatible EVA DTS
  • Systems of telemetric and remote control of automatic distributors
  • Electronics for  coffee machines (vending machines) with system of integrated payment Easy Pay with key s RFID.
  •  System control of accesses for building automation.
  • Intercom system and access control for MAX 100×100 users (10.000).
  • Planning anti-thefts production, safety systems with alarms transmission by multistandard protocols PSTN-GSM-GPRS.UMTS.
  • Apparatus for communication PSTN / GSM alarms on  safety systems (anti-thefts and elevators).

Lettori e scrittori transponder controllo accessi

Telecommunications sector

  • Planning and development software reader magnetic prepaid papers and chip-card for public telephony.
  • Planning and realization automatic cars for the production and personalization of prepaid magnetic papers.
  • Systems of payment through prepaid papers in circle public telephony PSTN
  • Programmable equipments for telephone central simulation PSTN.
  • Converters serial lines RS232 < – > RS422/485/C – Loop with galvanic isolation.

Pharmacy sector

  • Hardware & software development and production of systems for the control of pharmaceutical stores to tall performances with load and automatic unloading.
  • Measurers arterial pressure and balances weigh-people for professional use.


We are glad to specify that the electronic SHD, to guarantee the quality and the efficiency of the developed projects and products uses of competent partner on the territories to effect the following tests:

  • TEST of operation in climatic room
  • TEST for the tests of electromagnetic compatibility
  • TEST for the conformity CE.

All the furnished products and developed by SHD, follows the phase of production and assemblage with equipments automatic devoted electronics to the functional control and of electronic measures of the product.