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ASN Antifurto satellitare Moto

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ASN System is the right added value for your mean of transport, able to ensure, at affordable cost, the tranquility you deserve from:

  • Theft: ASN is a theft system based on GPS The system is able to warn of the displacement of your motorcycle outside of a geographic perimeter set (Also at any time, by simple SMS, you can request the location of the medium);
  • Anti LIFTING : ASN is able to detect the attempted lifting of the vehicle (ex. from the stand or for lifting);
  • ROAD ACCIDENT : ASN will check the driving status of your bike; in case of accident: will notify all numbers in the address book with a text message indicating ” DETECTED ROAD ACCIDENT” with attached satellite position;
  • INPUT CONTACTS: is equipped with two input contacts usable to create any circuit of protection of the vehicle (ex. Opening of the saddle compartment / trunk, etc.);
  • SIREN: ASN manages a generic output contact remotely controlled (SMS), or combinable with one of the alarm conditions detected inside it. This output can therefore activate a siren (interface relay is needed);
  • ENGINE BLOCK: by installation at electrical station it is possible to connect a second ASN OUTPUT to the starting engine of the vehicle. Remotely, through a simple SMS, it will be possible to operate the output and prevent the ignition of the vehicle;
  • BATTERY CONTROL: ASN detects in real time the battery level of the bike, signaling the possible discharge (SMS).



Antifurto satellitare Moto
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ASN Moto, anti-theft satellite, motorcycle safety, satellite tracker, road accident detection
Controllo, Sicurezza, Antifurto e tracciatore satellitare Moto
Road accident detection, communication to the numbers in the phone book, satellite position of the motorcycle in the accident


ASN communicates in real time any alarms (with satellite position of the motorcycle) directly on your mobile, by SMS.

For each alarm signal, depending on the settings , sends the regular reporting by voice call and SMS  with satellite position directly on GOOGLE MAPS keeping the owner updated  every period of time .

NB: Eventually, if planned, in case of alarm  opens and/or closes a contract finalised to the activation of an eventual siren.

PS: At every moment the owner will be able to request the position of his vehicle by means of a simple SMS. ASN will reply indicating the state of the medium and its satellite location with a link to Google Maps.

 At any time you can request to ASN the “State”:  he will reply with :
    * your satellite position (with link google maps link)
    * Whether alert or not
    * battery level
   * ecc…


Satellite Tracking


Thanks to GPS technology (satellite technology), ASN detects in real time the geographical location of your vehicle, and is able to track its movements.

Technical  Features:

–  Satellite tracking even in the absence of internet connection;
–  Connection/ communication of paths;  
–  WEB service vehicle tracking & nbsp; with possibility to view;
     instantaneously the position of your vehicles on the geographical map;
–  VERY LOW BATTERY CONSUMPTION: Without any external power supply
    can track for 48 hours continuously.

Special features of service:

– Calculation of Km/nmi routes/e from each medium in the selected period;
– Possibility to verify the speed of the traced means verifying the gait..
-Real-time tracking of all media  simultaneously;
-real-time visualization  Vehicle Status: Speed, GPS Signal, Telephone Coverage
Level, data collected on the vehicle..ecc..


Settings / Power on / Power off …. button + Led/ Bluetooth LE / SMS / Web :
The system is configurable for both parameterization and / on/ off through :
*APP on Android / IOS(Apple) *configuration Web page * Button with light indicator



ASN, as Motorcycle anti-theft, is STAGNO (IP67): resistant to water and dust.
ASN can be in direct contact with water. Adaptable to any medium.

Versatility / Mode of use

reduced dimensions (6x5x3 cm): easy to hide and camouflage ..
Internal battery + Low consumption.
ASN works even without external power supply. 


Power supply

ASN is equipped with its own rechargeable lithium battery, as a back-up unit, able to ensure that 96h the functioning, ASN can also be supplied with any external 12V battery even in the absence of external power supply: In case of internal / external battery discharges, ASN promptly communicates the event to the owner.


ASN system has no particular contraindications for positioning; it can be fixed in any place of the bike,
as long as it is not shielded from GPS satellite reception and GSM network.

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