Functional characteristics

  The MTS3 electronic device is designed to measure the stress on 3 three-phase a.c. motors properly connected to it.

Voltage, current and cosφ are measured on a single winding, for each motor, i.e. the active power absorbed on the winding.

The measurement must allow detection of the increase in motor stress, for example due to the variation in friction on the rotating brushes of a car wash system, when these come into contact with the vehicle.

A special feature of the product is the processing of the instantaneous power measurement detected: this is analysed, filtered and purified of spurious components capable of altering the measurement sought. 

Special analysis and filtering techniques are adopted, obtained from many years’ experience in the field.  

The 3 motor effort measurements are made available with the following types of interface: 3 channels DAC 0-10Vdc The three quantities, for each motor, are read as follows:

Current: by means of galvanically insulated, through-wire current transformers mounted on the external profile of MTS3 (“TAM1L1”, “TAM2L1” AND “TAM3L1”)
Voltage and Phase: voltage transformers, small in size, contained within MTS3. (“v1”, “v2” and “v3”)


Optional: temperature measurement…

By connecting a temperature probe on a special connector, the MTS3-x will detect the measured temperature and provide it as data to the PLC



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