Industry 4.0 is basically the fourth industrial revolution. After steam, electricity and information technology, Industry 4.0 involves the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other enabling technologies to all stages of industrial production and related processes (logistics, machine maintenance, occupational safety, final product quality, etc.). The analysis of Big Data produced by the […]

ASN 21


The new ASN 21 version is available: the anti-theft device that protects your vehicle from theft, tampering/ intrusion and damage. No longer the simple anti-theft but a real operational center, installable and usable by anyone who has a minimum of knowledge about the use of APP. The main ASN 21 novelties: Control of operating hours […]


Sviluppo di Applicazioni Mobile

Why an App? What can an App do? The secret is to be always and everywhere! Having an electronics controlled by web server … is not enough anymore. To be successful you have to offer something more than your competitors: capture your customers through applications with interaction: directly from the cell phone!